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Urinary System

  • Cornsilk (100 caps)

    Cornsilk (100 caps)

    Benefits: Supports the urinary system.   How It Works: The silky tassel inside the corn husk is used in herbology as a support to the urinary system. Cornsilk is very popular in Chinese herbology. It provides toning, soothing actions on...

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  • Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate (100 caps)

    Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate (100 caps)

    Benefits: Nutritionally supports the health of the urinary tract. Helps deodorize urine. How It Works: For centuries, herbalists have known the diuretic properties of cranberry. Scientific studies have concluded that cranberry juice contains...

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  • FCS II w/Lobelia (100 caps)

    FCS II w/Lobelia (100 caps)

    Benefits: Provides nutritional support for the female reproductive system. Supports the urinary and glandular systems.   How It Works: Red raspberry leaves nutritionally support the entire female reproductive system. Blessed thistle has...

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  • Hydrangea (100 caps)

    Hydrangea (100 caps)

    Benefits: Supports the urinary system. Possesses natural solvent qualities.   How It Works: Originally used by the Cherokee Indians for kidney support, hydrangea was introduced to early American settlers for similar purposes. Hydrangea is...

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  • Juniper Berries (100 caps)

    Juniper Berries (100 caps)

    Benefits: Supports the urinary system. Helps the body maintain proper fluid balance. May help maintain proper levels of uric acid in the body.   How It Works: Juniper berries are found on the evergreen juniper shrub, which grows widely...

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  • Parsley (100 caps)

    Parsley (100 caps)

    Benefits: Supports the kidneys. Nourishes and supports the urinary system.   How It Works: Parsley is the well-known sprig of green that typically garnishes your dinner plate. Herbalists use the leaves to nutritionally support the...

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  • Yellow Dock (100 caps)

    Yellow Dock (100 caps)

    Benefits: Promotes proper elimination and colon health. Supports liver function. Supports the urinary and intestinal systems. How It Works: Yellow dock’s active principles include anthraquinones, which are responsible for its mild...

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