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  • Amylase  (180 caps) Amylase  (180 caps)

    Amylase (180 caps)

      Amylase Formula aids in the digestion of starches (carbohydrates).    Suggested Dosage:   For usual adult dosage take 2...

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  • 2019 new label, current stock Gamma-Zyme (200 caps)

    Gamma-Zyme (200 caps)

    Gamma-Zyme is a soothing alternative for those wishing to add a digestive enzyme supplement to their diet but also suffer from ulcers, gastritis, severe burning sensations, irritable bowel...

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  • Inner Garden Flora Inner Garden Flora

    Inner Garden Flora

    Inner Garden Flora™ is a combination of eleven carefully chosen bacteria that can help to maintain the proper balance of bacteria to your intestines while helping the other friendly bacteria...

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  • Maximizer  (180 caps) Maximizer  (180 caps)

    Maximizer (180 caps)

    Maximizer is a plant enzyme supplement that contains 16 different types of digestive enzymes to aid in the pre-digestion of all the foods. This allows your body to use metabolic enzymes to do...

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  • Multi-Vitamin Plus (120 caps) Multi-Vitamin Plus (120 caps)

    Multi-Vitamin Plus (120 caps)

    Multi-Vitamin Plus (formerly Daily Complete) contains 100% of the recommended Daily Amount for Vitamin A, 5000 i.u., as well as 250% of the RDA for Vitamin D, 1000 i.u. It includes a 50 mg...

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  • Quadra-Zyme Plus Quadra-Zyme Plus

    Quadra-Zyme Plus

    Available in 180 or 360 count   Quadra-Zyme Plus is a plant enzyme supplement for digesting proteins, starches, fats, fibers, sugars, and dairy foods. When taken with meals, it helps...

    $31.00 - $55.00
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  • R-Garden L.Salivarius R-Garden L.Salivarius

    R-Garden L.Salivarius

    Available in 100 or 250 count L. Salivarius is a highly effective probiotic bacteria, which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It works to restore the proper...

    $19.00 - $43.00
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  • Super Minerals (120 caps) Super Minerals (120 caps)

    Super Minerals (120 caps)

           R-Garden Super Minerals contains very easily assimilable forms of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium,...

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  • Vitamin O  (4 oz.) Vitamin O  (4 oz.)

    Vitamin O (4 oz.)

    Vitamin O is a special supplemental oxygen taken in liquid form, produced through electrical-activation with saline solution from the ocean.  Suggested Dosage:   Take...

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