Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here.


How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed online, or called in during business hours. Please note though that we are not always able to answer phone calls. You can leave a message for a call back or order online.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can call (during business hours), email, or message us through Messenger. Oftentimes we even answer emails and messages outside our hours of operation.

Can you tell me what I need for a certain condition or health problem?

No. We are not medical professionals, and we do not give advice or suggestions for any health related conditions.

Do you offer free shipping?

At this time we do not offer free shipping. We keep prices as low as possible so that you get the best price up front. Shipping costs are kept to a minimum, meaning we do not make anything from shipping costs. Oftentimes the shipping charge does not fully cover the cost of shipping, but we absorb the difference.

Why do some products have expiration dates, some have mfg. dates, and some have best by or sell by dates?

Companies choose to mark their products with one of these options based on the type of product and the standards that apply to them. For example, R-Garden uses mfg. dates for their products. So, the date on their bottles is the date that the product was made, not the date that it expires.

How long do Pure Herbs products last?

Pure Herbs liquid tinctures are not marked with expiration dates. However, since they are preserved in a solution of neutral grain spirits (alcohol), they have a very long shelf life.

How can I get in touch with the Amish near you?

The Amish community located near us does not have phones or internet. They conduct their daily business and communications by US Mail. You can send them a letter and they will respond. 

How do I make an appointment with the Amish?

You must write to them and request an appointment. Their address is VC Christian Charity, 1205 Radure Rd, Hestand, KY 42151

Can you make an appointment for me?

No. We do not make appointments for several reasons, but the biggest reason is that we do not have enough employees to make frequent trips to make appointments or ask questions. US Mail is their preferred method (other than in person) for communication.