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Distributor Discount

Becoming a Distributor 

Want to save money and still enjoy high quality herbal supplements? Becoming a distributor allows you to buy directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. Both Nature's Sunshine and Pure Herbs, Ltd offer the opportunity to sign up with them as an independent distributor. You can save money on your supplements, and or you can grow a successful downline of your own to generate income. Below you can find information about the sign up options offered by both Pure Herbs, Ltd and Nature's Sunshine. If you have questions, just fill out the contact form and we will be happy to help. If you would rather receive a printed application for either or both companies, you can request one and we will mail it to you.

We would love to sponsor you and have you as part of our downline! For Pure Herbs, use our sponsor name, Charles and Linda Hicks. For Nature's Sunshine, use the link at the bottom of this page and our sponsor information will be automatically entered for you.


Pure Herbs, Ltd


Terms and Conditions:



Nature's Sunshine

To sign up with Nature's Sunshine, visit:



Questions? Comments? Send us a message and we will be glad to help.